gorgon city

Gorgon City Tears It Up at First Avenue

If I were to ask you to come up with the makings of a party atmosphere, you probably wouldn’t respond with ‘Minneapolis on a Wednesday night’ in your first thousand answers. It might impress you, then, to know that Wednesday in Minneapolis is exactly where Gorgon City’s party played out. When I arrived early with […]

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WaveStrip, Coded madness and genre chaos.

If your musical taste is heading in an experimental/memory inducing house music, then this Russian producer is your muse. The first thing I noticed is the great dynamics in WaveStrip‘s style, from deep-house-electro to alternative and experimental, all this within the 80s FamiTracker style sounds/chip music. Just listen to Game of acid, all this (and yes there is […]

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The Knocks

The Knocks Turn the Fine Line Into Their Own House Party

The production duo deftly who’ve been deftly shifting from house to hip-hop to indie pop, seemingly clocking in at all points in between, descended on Minneapolis last Thursday night and gave everybody something to write home about. (Full photo album here) Fresh off an announcement that their upcoming album received its finishing touches, it felt […]

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  Indian-electro-fashion music, is the first thing that comes to mind when listening to Labourmedia. This Santiago de Chilean based producer almost makes you feel like you’re free falling through a new coded world, all that and an element of old school electro. A perfect example is Sonorikaexpress, which has a very “fashion show” soundtrack […]

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Hypnotic new Kolsch Track HAL feat Tiga

If you like dark, moody, melodic electronic music that borders on Deep House that actively pulls you in and forces you to listen, then Kölsch is your dude. His new track “HAL” out on his own Ipso imprint today is prime Kolsch, despite the fact that it’s a collaboration. In many of his tracks in […]

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Joe Goddard Returns with Two Massive Tracks

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Five words that I love to say: New music from Joe Goddard. I love Joe Goddard’s music SO MUCH and if you like house even a little bit, then I’m sure you’ll happily hop up on the wagon with me. It’s more like a love train. The release is ‘only’ two songs, but he packs […]

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Bicep’s ‘Opal’ Receives a Treatment by Four Tet

Ahead of their impending world tour, the British duo Bicep released a remix of the airy, tweaky ‘Opal’ by none other than Four Tet. Unsurprising is that the four-minute song was expanded to more than seven minutes, but upon first listen you may be a little thrown off by hearing the original track largely intact. […]

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