Beck Dazzles at The Armory

A Beck concert is much like any other concert, except that it’s probably better than other concerts. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of this and stopped going to Beck shows. The good news is that I broke my 20-ish year dry spell. The bad news is that I missed a LOT of shows […]

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nora en pure

Nora En Pure at Avant Garden 2018

The other two times I’ve seen Nora En Pure play were in the dark and sweaty confines of the Yuma tent at Coachella and nested deep in the trees at Electric Forest. Suffice to say, this was a drastically different looking and behaving crowd than the ones at those earlier appearances. More suits and gowns, […]

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new order palace theater

New Order Live: Still Going, Still Should Be

As a person who’s attended his fair share of live electronic music shows, it was a little weird to be immersed in a completely different demographic last night at New Order. Wait, what am I saying, it was just a bunch of old mostly white people rather a bunch of younger mostly white people. Still, […]

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deadmau5 the armory

Deadmau5 a Stunner at The Armory

For a few hours on Friday night, it was not clear whether Minneapolis would see Deadmau5 at the Deadmau5 show we’d all been looking forward to. After a long stretch stuck on the tarmac at JFK due to a storm, Joel’s plane finally took off, but instead of heading west, the plane had to go […]

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Marian Hill at the Palace Theater in St Paul

Marian Hill is a duo on paper, but a trio in practice. As a duo, they fit in with a popular current mold of a plain looking dude twiddling knobs and hammering away at a drum machine/sampler with a coquettish female on vocals, in the same vain as AlunaGeorge and Sylvan Esso. It’s popular for […]

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