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  • Adam De GreeAdam De Gree

    Daft Punk's Alive 2007 introduced me to the world of electronic music, and ever since, it's been a huge part of my life. I'm currently a philosophy student at UCSB, but music and shows are my passion. Thanks to EJ, I hope to share the magic of music with anyone interested.

  • adminadmin

    I started this website in 2009 as a means of sharing my EDM findings with my friends. Since then, the website has experienced an explosion in growth that I never once imagined. This excitement and growth inspires me to make ElectroJams the #1 source for new electronic music.

  • Aidan AlexanderAidan Alexander

    My obsession with electronic music knows no bounds! More enamored by the day I listen to as much as possible, go to as many shows and festivals as the budget and schedule will afford, and spend the remaining time DJing and producing house and techno. I'm passionate about directing much-deserved attention to the talented, undiscovered artists in my hometown, Sydney, Australia.

    Hit me up on soundcloud! @

  • AJ GirovenuAJ Girovenu
  • Aldo SocarrasAldo Socarras
  • AlejandroAlejandro
  • Andrew DicksonAndrew Dickson

    I'm Andrew and I am writing to you from Pittsburgh, PA. I love nature
    and being active. I'm really excited to be writing for ElectroJams.
    I got into Electronic music when I was nine; this was when Eiffel 65
    released "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" and when I bought the corresponding album,
    "Europop". Today, my primary goal is not going deaf before 30. I
    have three blogs where I post writing/photography, poetry and thoughts
    on music
    . Follow me on Twitter y'all.

    Follow @metajd

  • Anna CieslikAnna Cieslik

    Hi, I'm Anna and I currently split my time between Boston (where I'm majoring in journalism at Emerson College) and my hometown of Chicago. Music has always been a huge part of my life, but I first really got into electronic music after seeing Pretty Lights perform at Lollapalooza in 2011. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with finding the best new (and old) electronic songs and DJs.

  • Ben AllenBen Allen

    I work, live and play in Minneapolis.

    I try to tell the story of the people that create music and experiences through pictures as well as through words.

  • Ben FieldsBen Fields

    I am a 20 year old self proclaimed music fiend and am artistically curious for the abstract. I fell in love with the world of EDM shortly after my introduction to high school. Since then, I have always made it a priority to listen to something new everyday. Every song has a listener, that's why Electrojams is here. Peace

  • beyondtheclonesbeyondtheclones

    LOADING........., Production name Beyond the Clones, a producer from south devon living in Frankfurt, consisting of progressive dark electro and Minimal house well I call it zombie house Music, using some crazy tactics to get there, computer coded madness, sampling old school consoles, I have a new EP out soon 'Electric Jelly Zombie EP' out on bitTorrent and a special edition version on Google apps, oh and my cat controls me.

  • Bobby DellarocooBobby Dellarocoo
  • Brian JorgensenBrian Jorgensen

    An obsessive musical hobbyist who graduated in genetics. Fell in love with electronic music growing up in the Detroit music scene. Now lives in Utah and enjoys the serene solitude it offers. Follow him at @Brian_the_Red15

  • Chase SewellChase Sewell
  • Chelsea RebroChelsea Rebro
  • Clayton RutledgeClayton Rutledge
  • CourtneyCourtney

    Music is the only universal language.

    Based in Phoenix, AZ

  • DikaDika

    Born and raised in Northern Michigan, my music background is more jazz and jam band than EDM, but my love of the funky and experimental brought me to love all things EDM. I'm currently studying wine, and hope that and music will take me all over the globe.

  • Dillon GDillon G

    Current University of Colorado at Boulder student majoring in Economics. I Love all types of Electronic music and I especially love searching around for new music to share with friends. Skating, Surfing, Snowboarding are just some of my other passions besides music.

  • EJ StaffEJ Staff
  • Elliott SeeElliott See

    Electronic music is the only art form that has given me unrelenting hope for the survival of our species. I study criticism in the north country and track the scene in an effort to put to words the familiar feelings that escape most of us and are reduced to terms of "awesomeness."

  • Frank ConradFrank Conrad

    I am Frank. I currently reside in the Bay Area of California, but I split time between there and sunny Arizona. I am a music enthusiast of all genres. I grew up with classic rock but for the past decade I have been captivated by the amazing electronic music that is being generated. Besides my musical interests I am an aspiring writer and an avid reader. Feel free to follow me on various websites and contact me about anything.


  • GuestGuest
  • HenryHenry

    Fell in love with Drum & Bass a few years ago and never looked back! I've been DJing around Glasgow for a few years (mostly as a resident at the monthly Symbiosis night) and producing for around a year now. Watch out for plenty more from me over the coming year! Check out my sounds at http://soundcloud.com/dj-hex and my blog at http://dnbdojo.wordpress.com/

  • JackJack
  • Jake LangJake Lang

    Born and raised in NYC, a full-time student in the Towson/Baltimore, I've had a wealth of experience in electronic music. I've DJ'd parties and on the radio, and am an aficionado all things Electronic Music with a passion for art in general.

    If you have any questions, concerns, comments, you can email me with inquiries and demos at 808sJake@gmail.com

    And you can follow me on twitter! @808sJake

    Follow my music taste on last.fm too! http://www.last.fm/user/Jake0617

  • Jessica De GreeJessica De Gree

    I come from a small beach town in Southern California where I grew up with my parents and six siblings. Currently, I am a sophomore studying philosophy at Hillsdale College, Michigan. Along with the tough academics, I enjoy sports and am on the Women's basketball team. I have always loved music-but my interest really took off when I went to the Lightning in a Bottle festival in CA. I love music and am constantly thankful for all the inspiration I receive when I listen to music.

  • Joe AllegrettoJoe Allegretto
  • Josh ElbaumJosh Elbaum

    Whats Good? I'm Josh, born and raised in North East Los Angeles, 20 years young, and I grew up loving hard rock (listened to rob zombie in first grade), graduated into West Coast Rap (like the ten other white boys in my town) and then there was Alive 2007. That was the end of it. Ever since that day, I've been all about Beats and Bass, and I don't plan on EVER going back. So, If your ever at an EDM show in L.A... look out for the crazy kid with a fisheye :p.

  • Julio VazquezJulio Vazquez
  • JustinJustin

    Hello, my name's Justin. I'm 25-years old and have been a music enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I've always enjoyed EDM, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I truly embraced it and fell in love with the community. My enthusiasm has evolved into passion, and I'm thankful to the EJ team for providing me with a medium to share it with all of you.

  • KhanKhan

    Khan is a 22 year old who can not be defined by text introductions. He'll try: An avid listener of music, from house to pop to country to rap to hip hop.... But mostly electro and progressive house. Khan will let the future talk. Relevantly, being an avid listener and skilled writer has blessed Khan with the opportunity to write reviews for ElectroJams, and he is stoked.

  • Malik AyedMalik Ayed
  • Marcela De VivoMarcela De Vivo

    Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from Los Angeles. She is also the founder of Gryffin Media. Her writing covers everything from technology to health & wellness, but with a background in marketing, she loves covering industry news. As an avid music fan, she’s very interested to see how music distribution will change over the coming years.

    Marcella on Google+

  • Michael CoppolaMichael Coppola
  • Michelle ChuMichelle Chu

    A born and raised Texan, currently living in the Northeast, I graduated from UT Austin with journalism and business technology majors. To say that I have an interest in electronic music would be a gross understatement; I love the cultural changes EDM is inspiring, the constant discovery of music, and of course, raging with my dinosaur head on at concerts.

  • Michelle MurrayMichelle Murray
  • Mike SMike S

    Previous editor of ElectroJams, I am a student at UC Berkeley, a music fanatic, an aspiring writer, and a DJ in my spare time. Email me at msundius@berkeley.edu for questions, and check out my soundcloud for some awesome mixes! http://soundcloud.com/supercereal

  • NYDoormanNYDoorman
  • Rachel TaravellaRachel Taravella
  • Royce CrowellRoyce Crowell

    Been in Florida my whole life nurturing a love for all beats that break. Never released a track, but I've been producing for nearly 15 years and playing out as a DJ for at least 8. I ran Floridub.com on the side (until godaddy stole it form me) and also write for NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk as well as FloridaBreaks.org and Breaksculture.com. You can catch me mixing on the award-winning NSB Radio station every Tuesday night 8-10pm (EST).

  • Schuyler RobersonSchuyler Roberson

    Residing in Las Vegas, I have been listening to EDM since the Eurodance craze of the 90s. I utilize my love for deep, philosophical thought and writing to cover the ever-expanding genre for ElectroJams. Question, concerns, or bitching can be directed to my Twitter account @yalepoloclub. I always love a good conversation.

  • Shannon MarieShannon Marie

    Hey there. I am originally from Los Angeles, studying journalism in Boston at Emerson College. I have always loved electronic music ever since I was a little girl and heard Daft Punk on the radio. I grew up engulfed in all different types of music, but electronic dance music really struck my heart. I also love photography and my favorite photos are candids of fans at events.

  • Solomon FineSolomon Fine
  • StreeterStreeter

    Currently kickin’ it in South Boston but originally hailing from New York, my parents call me Sam but since the sixth grade everyone else has called me Streeter. By day I'm a technology teacher and by night I bounce to the beat in this city of mine. Grew up playing various stringed instruments, but didn’t get involved in EDM till I ventured to Bentley University. Big fan of all things progressive and dutch, with a respect for anything unique and original.

    Where you can follow me:
    Twitter: @street_tweets13
    Instagram: @street_shots
    SoundCloud: Streetunes
    Facebook: street11235 -- DJs send your stuff to my "Other" inbox

  • The Dooty BirdThe Dooty Bird

    Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Hov. H to the O-V.

  • Tristan BohlingTristan Bohling
  • Vanessa CareyVanessa Carey
  • Victor LopezVictor Lopez
  • XavierXavier

    I'm Xavier (or just X for short). I'm 20 and currently a sophomore in college. I'm originally from Hawaii but I'm currently living in the amazing city of Atlanta. I am first and foremost a fan of music but I also love to DJ, write about music and share it with others.

  • Zip-ZapZip-Zap

    I am a lover of all types of music, from classical to hardcore, minimal to dubstep, and everything in between. I try to travel as much as possible and love being exposed to all things new and foreign. If you would like to contact me I can be reached at chrisg@electrojams.com


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