Star-kid on


Generated from the “hood up” attitude of the bass which rolls around like a planetary system off its axis, and their use of distance sounds to fill the air is one of those great production tactics that Star-Kid has really mastered […]

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Uctumi's self portrait

PVM / Uctumi.

  Orbiting the Chiptunes genre and computer game designer Uctumi is a Argentinean based producer and programmer, currently working on C64 formats, he is one of these producers that travels down the path of both new production methods with Chiptune Chiptracking and this can be tricky because of lack of production details allocated to the […]

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20ft Records

20ft Radio

So, I was thinking of doing something a little different, I love to write about non commercial and very experimental 8bit music so when 20ft Radio an independent online radio station based in Kyiv in the Ukraine appeared on my listening radar I had to do this. First thing which is greatly obscure is it […]

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L&T Records

New label L&T Recordings is run by Thom Carruthers. L&T has a lot to give to the electronic scene, I listened to a number of tracks from Probe 1 by LeWmk to the single Phase O matic by  Jules van Daniken, and one noticeable and clever production style it has is the use of a […]

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paul blackford

Paul Blackford

This is one of those times where listening to a producer who has such a diverse range of influences is so satisfying. Paul Blackford manages to tie it all together with such precision that listening to his Deploy Strategic Reinforcement is totally pure and a fresh change. When you hear for the first time his […]

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WaveStrip, Coded madness and genre chaos.

If your musical taste is heading in an experimental/memory inducing house music, then this Russian producer is your muse. The first thing I noticed is the great dynamics in WaveStrip‘s style, from deep-house-electro to alternative and experimental, all this within the 80s FamiTracker style sounds/chip music. Just listen to Game of acid, all this (and yes there is […]

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  Indian-electro-fashion music, is the first thing that comes to mind when listening to Labourmedia. This Santiago de Chilean based producer almost makes you feel like you’re free falling through a new coded world, all that and an element of old school electro. A perfect example is Sonorikaexpress, which has a very “fashion show” soundtrack […]

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