How to Embrace the Forest

With a scant seven days to go until Electric Forest kicks off (six if you’ve got early arrival), it’s time to map out your four (or five) magical days. Also, you should probably pack. We already gave you a handful of musical suggestions in our Top 5 “Big Font” Acts post, as well as a […]

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New Madeon is Poptastic and Delightful

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Madeon is back with a new single, All My Friends, his first original music in 3 years and it’s a breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I needed. The track’s release serves as an introduction to the French producer’s new era, titled “Good Faith.” Madeon, aka Hugo Leclerq, set up a dedicated site […]

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Gorgon City Delicious

Gorgon City Dig Deep for Delicious

The north London duo Gorgon City are back at it with a new single, ‘Delicious,’ and the name really says it all. With a dark, moody bassline leading the way, closely accompanied by a throbbing 4/4 creates a shady road trip to Miami vibe. If that’s a thing. ‘Delicious’ is what it is, and is […]

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Get Bright and Shiny with Y-DAPT on Rock the Crowd

Happy Friday, everybody! If you’re looking for something to get you hyped for the weekend ahead, you’ve come to the right place. This is Y-DAPT, who appears to be part-human, part…frog, maybe? This humanoid frog’s been producing for about a year, who also dropped a brand new track recently, “Rock the Crowd”. It took me […]

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