Gorgon City Delicious

Gorgon City Dig Deep for Delicious

The north London duo Gorgon City are back at it with a new single, ‘Delicious,’ and the name really says it all. With a dark, moody bassline leading the way, closely accompanied by a throbbing 4/4 creates a shady road trip to Miami vibe. If that’s a thing. ‘Delicious’ is what it is, and is […]

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Get Bright and Shiny with Y-DAPT on Rock the Crowd

Happy Friday, everybody! If you’re looking for something to get you hyped for the weekend ahead, you’ve come to the right place. This is Y-DAPT, who appears to be part-human, part…frog, maybe? This humanoid frog’s been producing for about a year, who also dropped a brand new track recently, “Rock the Crowd”. It took me […]

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kayzo alone

Kayzo Doesn’t Want You to be “Alone”

If you ever wondered how long it would take for somebody to bridge the gap between electronic music and metal’s guitar-driven power, Kayzo is here to tell you that the wait is over. On his new track “Alone” released yesterday on Welcome Records, Kayzo teams up with New Hampshire’s Our Last Night to form a […]

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Electric Forest 2019

Electric Forest Reveals The 2019 Lineup

Once again, Christmas came early courtesy of the fine folks at Madison House: The 2019 Electric Forest lineup is here! Before we delve into that, allow me to remind those of you with loyalty codes from previous Forests that the presale starts TOMORROW, December 5th at 12 pm ET. Be there (for your heavily discounted […]

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