Got Friday night plans? Even if you do, I can offer you something superior: Bicep’s live stream from Saatchi gallery in London. It’s their first performance following the release of their absolutely stellar sophomore album, Isles.

If you haven’t had the chance or made the time by now, go to your favorite streaming service and cue up the album. I can assure you, it’s for your own good. You’ll likely wind up listening through at least twice. Just prepare yourself for a gorgeous 50 minutes of sonic loveliness. 

Isles collects the Belfast duo’s releases starting last March with the instant classic Apricots, as well as the gorgeous arpeggios across the span of Atlas. As is the case with most great albums, this one is a journey, and one that caps off with phenomenal lead-out on Hawk. 

This may seem really last minute, and it is, but I wanted to make sure that people knew about this special event happening tonight. According to the duo in their pre-release interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio One, they have an entire battery of live versions and edits of the tracks on Isles, more upbeat and club-ready. If you’re still on the fence, take a look at the video below that perfectly illustrates their live capabilities, recorded at their Printworks performances in 2018.

I know there are a lot of live streams you can watch for free, which can make it difficult to pay for one, but consider supporting the artists that enhance your lives with their work.

uk & europe: 8:30pm gmt / 9:30pm cet
north & south america (east coast): 8:30pm est
north & south america (west coast): 8:30pm pst
australia, nz & asia: 8:30pm aedt