Gorgon City has a knack for taking what could easily be a long, sad, and slow ballad and shifting it into a dance anthem that only hurts a little. But in a good way. 

They’ve accomplished exactly that in their brand new collaboration with Chicago-based duo DRAMA, ‘Nobody,’ out today on Astralwerks. 

The lyrics focus on a lover attempting to hold their relationship together, to prevent going from having somebody to having nobody. That’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it? And yet, in the heart of all of the pleading, I can’t help but kick the chair out from under myself and start dancing. 

Sure, it’s laid back, but that’s still where I go; it’s just at a more casual pace than usual. 

‘Nobody’ is a steady trip all the way through, no big crashing drop and no cinematic builds to a furious crescendo in sight. Just a beautiful, slow burn. 

Check the video for ‘Nobody’ below, featuring a dance interpretation of West Side Story, shot in Chicago. Hit up this link for the track on your preferred streaming service (Even Napster).