Just a heads up before you hit play on ‘Let Me Go,’ it doesn’t sound like Duke Dumont. That’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s far from it, but it’s a bit of a shake-up for the first minute and a half plus.

Initially, it’s just Ry X‘s soft crooning accompanying a simple, dramatic hammering of chords on a piano. Just about the time when you’re wondering where the Duke Dumont part of the collaboration is, a creeping build emerges from the depths. Comprised of another piano line and synths, then adding a couple sections of strings, the build continues well past the halfway point of the song.

When it drops, it does so softly, as if stepping off a curb rather than the ravine you thought you were headed towards. That drop sets us in somewhat new territory with a new bouncing synth line, before bringing all of the rest of the parts back together.

I’m not sure why I opted for a play-by-play write up about this song. It speaks to me. It feels crucial, it feels important, it feels like more than just a song. It feels anthemic.

Duke Dumont has a new album due out on April 17 titled, Duality. I haven’t heard a few of the tracks yet, but I can still say with confidence that his choice to set ‘Let Me Go’ as the album’s closer is 100% the right choice.

Take a listen to ‘Let Me Go’ below, which he’s bundled with some of Duality‘s brethren below and keep an eye out for his new album due out later this month.