When I saw Odesza’s tweet yesterday, I felt a bolt of energy surge through me. It’s been a long string of setbacks painting a grim picture of the future lately, so it was a refreshing change from the new norm.

New music is one thing, but new music with Golden Features? That’s another beast altogether. For me, Golden Features is the dirty, grimy underbelly of Odesza’s sonic body. It has it’s own soft and delicate bits as well, but if you need something to grind to while sporting your stankiest stink face, Golden Features is your best bet.

So what could that mean for the three working together? Surely, it couldn’t be called an Odesza album, nor a Golden Features release. One thing I could be sure of is it’s going to be heavy.

BRONSON is ODESZA and Golden Features on Electrojams

Today, we got the official news and a sample of their combined sound. The project is called BRONSON, the new self-titled album is due out July 17 on Odesza’s own FFC. Take a listen to the pair of new tracks below. Both are strong, but it VAULTS feels like it lands where I expected them to. Where I wanted them to.

Keep an eye out for more to come from the trio in the coming months.

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