Star-Kid, as the name sounds the electro music this duo produce has undoubtably introduced more galactic enhanced sweeps and a bass style that brings in elements of doom and hope right from the start.

But, with tracks ‘Fog’ and further on with ‘Flooded’ they bring a calmness to the experience to there new project Star​-​kid Undefined Subspecies then the conventional electro sound tends to have, apart from the great use of hi frequency layers, the album will take a sudden turn early on as your journey from progressive energy to a state of unease and unsettling feeling starts to come into view, this is generated from the “hood up” attitude of the bass which roles round like a planetary system off its axis, and their use of distance sounds to fill the air is one of those great production tactics that Star-Kid has really mastered.


It’s not often after listening to a 12 track album that all you wanted to do is sit back and listen to it all again, but K3mX0Xdx21 and Depth charge  mid way on in the album just sends you to darker part of this electro universe, incasing you like a black hole and in my head these are the sound tracks that should be playing in your space suit when cruising or scanning by one of these terrifying and hostile space wonders.

That said, the rest of the album is a beautiful twin or near family to the K3mX0Xdx21 and ‘Fog’ tracks keeping their unique styles in line.


With all this astronautic and yet well guided tunes on the album, this will certainly make you want to go down the rabbit hole to discover more hidden effects and feelings generated from the production of Star-Kid in the tunes layed out, I really recommend this album if dark space sounds and electro are your mission..