Orbiting the Chiptunes genre and computer game designer Uctumi is a Argentinean based producer and programmer, currently working on C64 formats, he is one of these producers that travels down the path of both new production methods with Chiptune Chiptracking and this can be tricky because of lack of production details allocated to the sounds in Chiptuning, but Uctumi has done a brilliant job with this venture, when I heard The Telesounds ( version of space poo intro) it really made me smile in a why that inspired me to find out more about him and his projects.

Telesounds ( version of space poo intro) sends you to a place where you can sit back and let the stars fly past, this what the Chiptune production in the mid and hi range does to you, accompanying this cleverly is a deep bass and a electric c64 filler surrounding a kick that has almost been relaxed or to told be calm, but the under lining energy is still there.


Among that he has a new C64 project out soon, Full Contact is a kept secrete but it looks at first Glance that Kung-Fu is involved, exciting, with the programming help from Majikeyric and Graphics from Grass, Uctumi’s musical talent has given this the perfect finish and in keeping with the C64 bubble without going to far towards modernisation, more to be shown soon.

So this music style has continued to his featured album called pop SIDS here, a 11 track album representing hitting and fitting music to his collection, I love the transitions in his music and fluid tracking really make him stand out.


But thats not it, he has Pungas radio, a chiptune and experimental 8bit radio station, with shows/ sections like the Amiga PC module which show cases in my opinion too the diverse and again strange world of Chip tracking and 8Bit music to the International artist section which will hammer out experimental madness from all over the world, so if SIDs are your thing and obscure computer programmed music then head here.

In  my view, this is one of those artists and radio station that you can sit down and you will not know what is coming next, it really does send you down the rabbit hole. ( but in a good way). The formats and images along has a big gallery and the sounds well, discover your selves.



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