So, I was thinking of doing something a little different, I love to write about non commercial and very experimental 8bit music so when 20ft Radio an independent online radio station based in Kyiv in the Ukraine appeared on my listening radar I had to do this.

First thing which is greatly obscure is it records music in a twenty-foot container situated beside the weaving factory setting the scene for a very underground setting, escaping the commercial influence and ideologies and trends.

The 20FT Radio project was founded by Sergei Taranovsky, and as it grew Igor Krivoruchko, Vitaly Nemchenko, Dima Isaenko, Kiril Necheporuk, Misha Bondarev all joined to create this unique listening experience and thanks to the efforts of these very people, the radio station achieved major success and was nominated for the Webby’s Awards in Music category.



I’m addicted to this station, its a odyssey of different genres and experimental channels from shows from Dream weapons which handpicks everything from 8Bit to soothing experimental vocals, to ua underground ranging retro synth collections and mild sounds, the journey this radio station can put you on is amazing, dedicate your self for a while and you will feel like your mediating on a satellite some where, then on a hectic sound stream shrouding you in electronic and hi end coded noises, its amazingly endless really.

Live stream from Ukraine

If you’re into the darker side of streaming and experimental then this is your place.


Last but not least I had to show an example of the live feeds, this is a show from resident of Closer – Alex Savage (Prinx Hashime / Spekulant), a progressive and thought provoking set is a great way to start the day….