New label L&T Recordings is run by Thom Carruthers. L&T has a lot to give to the electronic scene, I listened to a number of tracks from Probe 1 by LeWmk to the single Phase O matic by  Jules van Daniken, and one noticeable and clever production style it has is the use of a very tight and high end percussion sequencing techniques that get used for the tunes on this label. It’s almost like rain dropping into a pool of retro sweeps and the droplets acting as a blanket covering them. I love this, among other artists and contributors with Thom are AKA phantom and LJM and TOMO. They also join the team with glitch percussion and 90’s acid sounds, which is great to hear that producers still enjoy this style of production and that the use of retro hardware and software is staying strong.

The use of Atari-like sounds on this label’s releases are well placed, drawing you into a thought provoking flight through space. Accompanying that, you also get tones of dark minimal house elements that grab you when you least expect it, keeping you pinned to the wall. Thom keeps a tight ship running here with music which really goes together from all artists with a seamless fluid flow, and it’s a label to look out for.


L&T Recordings built a great list of artists and producers, and if your style is genre mash-up with 90’s acid to new glitch feels, then get board. A night with L&T would be n electro experimental madness session. Click below hear why.