Happy Friday, everybody! If you’re looking for something to get you hyped for the weekend ahead, you’ve come to the right place.


This is Y-DAPT, who appears to be part-human, part…frog, maybe? This humanoid frog’s been producing for about a year, who also dropped a brand new track recently, “Rock the Crowd”.

It took me a few listens to figure out why this sounded so familiar, but it finally came to me that the rising and falling synth line, punctuated by cymbal smashes, is very reminiscent of Elmer Bernstein’s score for Ghostbusters.

Anywho, the track is a very bright take on house with elements of future bass driving the track forward and no doubt prompting a mini dance party. Perfect for getting through the afternoon doldrums or as a pre-party track tonight. Enjoy!

Find Rock the Crowd here on your preferred streaming service.w

Find Y-Dapt at the Following:


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