This is one of those times where listening to a producer who has such a diverse range of influences is so satisfying. Paul Blackford manages to tie it all together with such precision that listening to his Deploy Strategic Reinforcement is totally pure and a fresh change.

When you hear for the first time his new material and the way he has blended what I would call the best of electro sounds in his first track here “Deploy Strategic Reinforcement” to the bass heavy minimal electro of “Utopia”, among the many genres and styles Paul has a really good sense of when and how to keep you on a cliff edge. His unique way of dropping a bass segment in or the way key drops are replaced with the most surprising sounds and production skills, for example his sense of timing in those drops, grips you too.

It’s unconventional, but it really works, and the remixes which make up the majority of the 29 track list which really emphasises the different directions each track could into and gives a well rounded mix of the originals.


paul dj shot.png

Where is your studio based?

Everywhere and anywhere, since 2014 I’ve used Caustic 3 on android mobile to create my beats. I like the fact that it’s like a very basic FL Studio that allows me to create beats on my mobile phone wherever I want. I produced most of my album Horizons whilst chilling out in a local recreation ground during the summer.

Can you name a few musical influences?

Difficult as I’m influenced by so much but off the top of my head: J Dilla, Dam Funk, Talos, Vanilla, Edmx, Paul Hardcastle and lots of old 1980’s funk, Hip Hop and old Amiga tracker music.

What is the Equipment that you use to produce or mix with?

I’ve got one of those Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator drum machine things that I use for kick and hi hats drum sounds. I don’t really have much hardware any more as the subtractive and FM synthesisers on Caustic do a great job. I’m going to get a Yamaha Reface CP in the new year as I love Rhodes electric piano’s but as I don’t have enough room for a mark 1 and mark 2, a CP will be a good compromise.

Do you have any old tech you use sample from or use?

I’ve got 20 years worth of samples that I’ve taken from drum machines and synthesisers that I’ve either owned and sold or borrowed off various people. I also sample anything that makes a good sound, literally anything, I really like that Radiophonic attitude of sampling a piece of junk like a metal lamp shade being struck with a spoon and working it into a tune.

Does gaming or old tech influence your music at all?

I don’t really play video games any more, well not since selling my Playstation 2. I think I was really influenced by the video game composers from the 80’s and 90’s, what they achieved with four channels of audio was mental, less is sometimes more I guess.

Cassettes or mp3?

My mind says MP3 but my heart says Cassettes.


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