If I were to ask you to come up with the makings of a party atmosphere, you probably wouldn’t respond with ‘Minneapolis on a Wednesday night’ in your first thousand answers. It might impress you, then, to know that Wednesday in Minneapolis is exactly where Gorgon City’s party played out.


When I arrived early with my crew to catch part of opener King Henry’s set, the floor at First Avenue’s mainroom resembled what you might assume a Minnesota Wednesday would look like. Twenty-ish people clustered up front near the rail, a dozen or so more along the balcony on the second level; it was not looking like it was going to be a good night. The people of Minneapolis love (LOOOVE) music, but they have a very hot and cold relationship with electronic music for some reason. I feared this would be another Bloody Beetroots show at 1/3 capacity, but as King Henry worked through his playlist, the venue began to fill up in earnest.


After an surprisingly quick and efficient cutover, Kye and Matt took the stage with an impressively kitted drummer, said quick hello and got right to it. Once they got their gear up and running, they introduced the first vocalist they brought along, Chenai, a woman with a contagious smile, great dance moves, and a perfectly House voice. She had her work cut out for her, filling the shoes of Gorgon City’s impressive roster of collaborators, and she absolutely slayed it.


Another song in, they brought out another singer, Josh Barry to provide vocals for all the “dude” songs and he was every bit as soulful as the originals. True, he was also the original for a couple songs, but his voice and his abilities were perfectly suited to the task. The real magic happened when they teamed up on a track. For someone with a soft spot for house that spans from my head to my toes, it was bliss.


This was a much different set than the one I’d just caught at Dirtybird Campout, which makes sense, as it was a DJ set with just the two base members. Their DJ set was a little more filthy and spread out a bit into neighboring genres, although there was a brief moment where Matt and Kye played a track I did not recognize in the middle of the stage on a couple analog synth modules that got pretty dark and dirty.


The show lasted about an hour and a half, but it felt more like five minutes. As I looked around throughout the show, everybody smiled ear to ear, danced their ass off, or in most cases, both. If you are along one of the remaining stops on their tour, do yourself a favor and show up. That grinning and dancing person could be you. It should be you. Shouldn’t it?

Full gallery of photos from the show at: THIS HANDY LINK

You can find Chenai and Josh Barry at the below links:
Chenai on Instagram
Chenai on Spotify

Josh Barry on Facebook
Josh Barry on Spotify


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