In his first original release in six years, Gesaffelstein appears to be in the same foreboding, dark place as he was when he left us with Aleph. Which is precisely where we need and want him to be.

It’s not as if he’s been idle this whole time; he collaborated with Jean Michel Jarre, produced a couple tracks for The Weeknd, and remixed a couple songs. I have no proof of this, but I feel I can confidently state that he’s been chain-smoking the entire time.

‘Reset’ is a perfect soundtrack for a montage of people planning something particularly nefarious. A bank robbery, for example, or even a coup. It’s a slow march, drawn forward by murky synths and the occasional dash of sax samples.

The release is accompanied by a video, directed by frequent collaborator Manu Cossu, which appears to follow the evolution of explicitly offensive white rappers starting with what appears to be an Eminem lookalike and gets more and more cartoonish until it very much resembles 6ix9ine and goes one step further to a performer burdened by all of all of the layers of baggie clothing, as well as a teeth necklace and a second pair of shoes over his shoes. It’s an interesting commentary, especially coming from somebody who collaborated with Kanye on Yeezus not so long ago.

After an announcement last month of his signing to Columbia Records, I was ecstatic as I knew it indicated we were due for new material from the elusive French producer (Maybe he’ll start a trend?). No word on if ‘Reset’ is part of an album or not, but let’s just be happy that we have this and hope that he remembers Christmas is just around the corner. Hit up this link to find ‘Reset’ on your preferred platform.