If your musical taste is heading in an experimental/memory inducing house music, then this Russian producer is your muse. The first thing I noticed is the great dynamics in WaveStrip‘s style, from deep-house-electro to alternative and experimental, all this within the 80s FamiTracker style sounds/chip music. Just listen to Game of acid, all this (and yes there is a lot of genres) with the acid to the lounge and micro-house that we love from Russia. Or sample to the deep stomp of Lesson one, where WaveStrip shows the great contrast and diversity in his production. For me, he is leading the way to a new collection of sounds which will hit you in the face and chill you out with a coded and hacked edge to it. In his own words, “Techno as a door in consciousness.”


So, if you’re a fan of Datadoor crossed with Buttechno, Umfang, and gaming sounds, then this is your guy. You can hear that he uses a lot of old retro gaming equipment or is he sampling from these great devices? Well, Wavestrip, I would prefer not to know. I love the element of surprise that Wavestrip can have on you, so, this collection has everything for all moods and styles.