The first time I heard the booming, hyper-cathartic horn and drum part of this track was at Odesza‘s Coachella 2015 set. I’d had it up to ‘here’ (motions a height taller than himself) with the desert heat and the walking and the impossible crowds, so I opted to take in the Seattle duo’s set from the ground, on my back. My polite, and perhaps over-accommodating friends formed a circle around me so I wouldn’t get trampled as the greater population of the crowd at the festival attempted to shoehorn itself into one of the smaller tents.

It was the first of their shows that I attended where they incorporated a drum line into their performance, in this case members of a marching band from a nearby high school. I’d raised myself back up to my feet to watch the first couple minutes, which felt like enough, then flopped back down into a sweaty mess on the ground. The sound was a little muffled, but serviceable.

Then the music ventured into the unfamiliar. There was chanting, there was a long and heavy build, and the air in the tent seemed to gain electricity. If it was a cover or a remix, I didn’t know what of. Vocal samples appeared briefly before the sound cut out, not like a light switch, but as if somebody turned the volume down quickly. The electricity kicked up as all of the air seemingly got sucked from the tent. It’s weird, but it felt as though we were all being drawn towards the stage. For a brief second, the lights dimmed. I stood up because I had to, not because I wanted to.

Then an explosion of sound and light. Music, the likes of which had never come from Odesza before. These massive marching horns, drums that sounded like they belonged to giants, the drum line dancing from foot to foot, and a wash of orange and red lights. The air drawing everybody towards the stage came thundering back at us. It was loud as hell, but you could hear everybody reacting to it at once, loudly, “WHAAAAAAT!?!”

For a brief moment, everything was so powerful that I lost my bearings. In those times, I like to say that it feels as though the world inverted. Everything is the same, but everything is different. Funny enough, I think I’ve had most moments like at at Coachella, most notably when Galantis dropped the Brillz remix of ‘You’ at their appearance in 2014.

Check out the track below or here through your favorite streaming/purchasing service. Do you remember the first time you heard ‘Loyal?’