It’s never too early to start making plans to bug out to a warm destination during the winter ahead, and what better place to go than the beaches of Costa Rica for Envision Festival?

Year in and year out, they make a pretty good case for themselves as a destination festival, but now and then they up the ante with an electric, invigorating lineup or programming offering. More than just a music festival, Envision is a hub of permaculture, yoga studies, food education, and many other offerings away from the music stages.

But also? There’s a LOT of good music. A sunrise DJ set from Tycho is enough for me. The rest of the festival could be filled with tone-deaf six-year-olds practicing violin and I’d still be stoked, but thankfully that’s not good enough for festival organizers. (Sorry 6 yo’s) Another headliner is festival favorite Griz bookending Tycho with a golden hour sunset…set. CloZee looks to be continuing her momentum from dominating the 2018 festival circuit, and Lee Burridge will be making what feels like a rare festival appearance. Other highlights include the earthy rhythms of Random Rab and the 24/7 party that is The Floozies.

Check out the 2018 after-movie and the full phase 1 lineup below, then head to for all of the details, including playlists for each of the four stages, as well as travel and ticketing options. Hit up that link above before September 24th for a chance to win your way to Envision with their travel, ticket, and VIP accommodations giveaway live right now!

2018 After-Movie

Phase 1 Lineup: