The French producer on a winning spree, aka CloZee, graced Minneapolis with a midweek appearance at the Loft, much to the delight of the nearly capacity crowd.

CloZee’s music doesn’t spend a lot of time in one place. Generally, you might say it tends to hover at the intersection of Bassnectar, Beats Antique, and…maybe RL Grime? It feels near-impossible to describe on it’s own, at least succinctly, so I have to resort to comparison mashups. That speaks more for CloZee’s songwriting and set-building capabilities than my deficiencies as a writer.

CloZee live minneapolis

After a quick introduction where she admitted that Minneapolis was the first place she’d ever visited the first time she was in the States, the lights cut out and she slinked down among her gear like a jaguar waiting for hapless prey to walk into her crosshairs.

As soon as she had several hundred of us lined up, she launched straight into a melodic groove and never looked back. The audience responded in kind and swept into motion. It seemed like she allowed that first track to set the stage and the rest of her set and selections felt as though she allowed the melody to lead the way, almost like she was in pursuit, but keeping a healthy distance.

CloZee Live Minneapolis

As a live music venue, The Loft leaves a few things to be desired. There’s not much in the way of vertical space, which forces a certain amount of sonic limits to whatever is played. In other words, the sound can be too big, and the bass can easily edge into excessive. Similarly, if the performer has decent lighting production, which CloZee did, the squashed nature of the room applies itself to that as well. It feels a little like trying to do jumping jacks in a closet.

None of that seemed to bother the crowd much, though. The people I talked to focused more on the music and getting the opportunity to see her at all, or to relive the joy of one of her many Electric Forest sets. It would seem that I have something to learn from CloZee fans that I must have lost sight of along the way.

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