The production duo deftly who’ve been deftly shifting from house to hip-hop to indie pop, seemingly clocking in at all points in between, descended on Minneapolis last Thursday night and gave everybody something to write home about. (Full photo album here)


Fresh off an announcement that their upcoming album received its finishing touches, it felt like The Knocks were ready to blow off some steam and have a good time. With three solid tracks released already, it feels like they have a lot to celebrate. Earlier in their set, Mr. JPatt provided much of the vocals, including those off of one of their new (and fucking fantastic) tracks, “House Party,” while B-Roc stayed behind the tables for much of the show.


You may wonder, as I did, what Mr. JPatt had in his cup he raised to cheers the crowd at one point. I’m a Powerade guy, so I figured it was likely Mountain Berry Blast, but I was later corrected in The Knocks’ own Instagram feed by none other than the drink holder. (It’s called a KNOCKTAIL and is composed of Glacier Freeze Gatorade, tequila, and a splash of soda. Yikes.)


By the time they left the stage on Friday night, the duo had illustrated well how they do it in New York. They do it up, they do it right, and they do it well. It felt like it was really difficult for them to leave the stage after such a short set. They promised that they’d be back, and I’d recommend hitting them up when they do.


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