Indian-electro-fashion music, is the first thing that comes to mind when listening to Labourmedia. This Santiago de Chilean based producer almost makes you feel like you’re free falling through a new coded world, all that and an element of old school electro.

A perfect example is Sonorikaexpress, which has a very “fashion show” soundtrack feel to it, mixed and layered with old school gaming samples, starting with a soft filtered scattered synth which the mild female lyrics encapsulates nicely. The topic of the lyrics, which are in part Spanish and part English, is about using public transport, hold on I know, but the tune really fits and works brilliantly. I heard this tune on the train to Frankfurt and loved it.

Moving on, the track 2x has both elements of deep rolling progressive modular movement and retro software sounds that occasionally pop up and bring the tune nicely together, almost a ‘Tommorow’s Modern Boxes’ feel to it, it really bounces of the wall, sweeping around your head like you’re going mad in a calm way, (the good kind).

All this really comes through when you start to know this artist a little more, with influence and a genre mix list that is vast, you can hear the indian classical music is a clear melodic influence, but also latin american folk music. In terms of contemporary inspirations it’s Gabriel Brncic, Luigi Nono, Phillipe Manoury.

In a more commercial sense, the work of Carsten Nicolai had a clear impact, with Raster Noton label works and Warp Music of the 90’s electronic, amerce this ​with radio frequency equipment and Orion and Reason software you get a wide mix of feelings and production with real time procedural music.

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