I’d say that I have a fresh remix for you, but it’s already rocketed past a million listens in the week since Feather sent it to me, and it managed to rack up another 400K views since then. I’m pretty sure it’s a hit and one you may have already heard. If you have, then you probably won’t mind hearing it again, because it’s addictive as hell.

In a style reminiscent of an Odesza/Autograf lovechild, Feather infuses the year-old Lauv track with a wash of synths, accented by beefed-up percussion, culminating in cinematic builds and drops. There’s a perfect amount of the original song intact to make it recognizable, but enough changed for Feather to make it his own. That is a difficult, tenuous balance, but he killed it.

Feather is a Minnesota-based producer with a scant 125 followers on SoundCloud, but I have a feeling that number is going to start growing as well. Stay tuned to ElectroJams for more from Feather in the future, and take a listen to the song below, courtesy of Proximity.