In a video comprised of b-roll footage that follows the duo on their journey from relative unknowns to festival headliners, Galantis created a kind of thank you card for their fans they picked up along the way. From their “humble” beginnings playing their first live show to a medium-sized crowd at Coachella to headlining performances at huge festivals with innumerable crowds and fireworks, the love for their music is infectious and it shows in the fervor they drum up in their live performances.

They like to play it cool, but Linus and Christian work their asses off on and away from the stage. It’s been fun to track their progress as thoroughly as we have. Somebody here on ElectroJams clearly had their finger on the pulse way back when they posted this one-off collab back in September 2012, before Galantis was the Galantis we know today. Then their single release came a year later and based on the strength of that single, booked a night slot in the Gobi tent at Coachella, then in their next US appearance at Hard Day of the Dead and subsequent show at the Mayan in LA. We were there for all of that, so the bits at the beginning of the video resonate particularly heavily. Nostalgia af. It seems that’s a two-way street, given what the duo had to say about the video:

Since the early days this has been an emotional journey for us, and in many ways, this is a ”thank you” to those who always believed in us when no one else did.

Check out the video below and head here to purchase the song or to find it on your favorite streaming service.