Five words that I love to say: New music from Joe Goddard. I love Joe Goddard’s music SO MUCH and if you like house even a little bit, then I’m sure you’ll happily hop up on the wagon with me. It’s more like a love train.

The release is ‘only’ two songs, but he packs a lot into the nine- and seven-minute endeavors of ‘So Much/Human Touch.’ They’re two sides of the same dark coin, both on the same dancefloor as his epic 2017 album, Electric Lines, albeit in a much darker corner. ‘So Much’ is an introspective, thoughtful meander through Goddard’s inner monologue, while ‘Human Touch’ decidedly eschews language and seeks out a more meaningful connection than what is possible through technology or social media.

So Much/Human Touch is available to stream here and for purchase through Domino Records in digital format as well as a 12″ here. Check the official video for ‘So Much’ below.