If you like dark, moody, melodic electronic music that borders on Deep House that actively pulls you in and forces you to listen, then Kölsch is your dude. His new track “HAL” out on his own Ipso imprint today is prime Kolsch, despite the fact that it’s a collaboration. In many of his tracks in the past, it’s a campaign of sorts to get you to that place. He’s a big fan of long, drawn out builds to an epic crescendo, leading the listener to a “Holy shit!” moment, but that feeling comes so much quicker with HAL.

It’s difficult to reconcile that this Tiga is the same Tiga as the Bugatti Tiga, but it is. The doubled synth part that comes in at the 1:30 mark is a slice of aural heaven which continues to be built upon as the song progresses. The doubled synth is gradually pitch-shifted up and dropped back several times with a percussion arrangement that seamlessly transitions from driving forward to chaotic to sparse and almost ornamental.

The track’s release came with an announcement of a three-track 12″ from the duo out August 24. Take a listen below (or head here for a variety of streaming and purchase options) and prepare yourself to hit repeat.