A chat with Paris based Electro-producer Serious A.

When searching for new Electro-House music, I find that producers and artists are swinging genres round and mixing up the game in some really creative ways.

About a month ago I came across and spoke to Serious A, a producer based in Paris. I was transfixed and refreshed to hear his newest project BLORP006 and a earlier track ‘Burning’; a combination of lounge house containing a subtle hint of electro with gaming vocals and beats that has a clear yet irregular style that throws you off the scent. Then the conventional vocals are brought back to the old school tech days with that electro feel and the influential tb 303 sound.

His influences like Dan Curtin, Dave Angel, Larry Heard, Marcellus Pittman, Legowelt, are apparent, but what gives Serious A his twist for me, are the gaming vocals and great sample editing from his childhood games. Tyrian 2000 and Dune II come through on his Blorp006 track alongside bites from Klax and Dark Soul and the funk used in other tunes.

Serious A on SoundCloud

All this retro sampling combined with abilities of Ableton Live he also works in parallel on new projects; I’m really excited to hear more from Serious A in the future.

Serious A is playing at the Zero Zero in Paris on 23st June here.