If you’re a fan of Above & Beyond, you’ll surely be familiar with the low key and mournful ‘Always’ off of their recent release, Common Ground. ‘Always’ sounds more fit for one of their acoustic albums than one of their “regular” studio albums, wholly piano-driven and guitar accented, without so much as a single bass thump throughout. And while I don’t listen to Above & Beyond for their sick drops, but at the end of the song, I’m left waiting for the lush payoff that I never get it.

It would seem that SLANDER agrees. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Westworld (and Altered Carbon and Blade Runner…) but it seems like the original is a simple, wholly human woman calmly emoting, whereas in the remix she’s been in a terrible accident and got put back together with machine parts that kick in at several points in the track.

I can’t imagine that this was an easy undertaking, but the depth that SLANDER infused into the track shifts it from a soft letdown track to one that can function easily anywhere in a festival set. Take a listen below and make sure you kick the volume up a few notches.