With the sheer number of collaborations, guest spots, one-off’s and production credits that Diplo’s racked up over the years, it’s natural for everything to kind of blend together and to lose sight of his place in everything. A beautiful building in real life is still just a square on a map, you know?

But every once in a while, there’s a standout piece of work that reminds us of how he got into such a high demand prominent place as an artist, and his collaboration with LSD, Labrinth, and Sia (who suffers a similar affliction as Wesley) is one such piece of work.

Perhaps it’s the song’s stripped down nature, the slowed tempo, or the combination of cinematic and dancehall bound together with an infectious drum and whistle that makes it stand out. Or maybe it’s just a damn good song. Whatever it is, you can rest assured that you’ll hear plenty of this sprinkled across festival sets this summer. Check the video below or listen via your favorite streaming service here.