Another year, another brilliant line-up, and another slow build to Lightning in a Bottle. Of course, LiB is much more than just a music festival, it is perhaps best defined as a holistic approach to a festival. Something that addresses the wants and needs of your whole person rather than just the part of you that loves dancing and music.

However, seeing as the details of the rest of the festival have yet to be released, we’ll be focusing on the music highlights so far and we’ll leave the rest of the participation opportunities, the various Compass programming, and other details for a future post.

Besides, these first two lineups give us a lot to work with, so let’s take a look at some highlights.

Fever Ray – One half of the Swedish duo The Knife fresh off the very well received/much-loved release of her sophomore album, Karin Dreijer is poised to dominate the live circuit in 2018. I can’t say what this show will be like, but if Knife shows are any clue, it should be the best kind of weird.

Nicole Moudaber – I am so stoked to see Mama Moudaber’s name back on US lineups. The queen of dark, moody, ethereal techno will descend and no doubt dominate the dance floor at Woogie. Prepare to have your mind expanded to the point of no return. Check any of her In The Mood podcasts for a sample, but be careful, as they are highly addictive.

The Black Madonna – She is a powerful force in house music, the head of her own record label, with a weekly show on BBC Radio 1 after a recent transplanting to London. Her first residency was at Smart Bar in Chicago alongside Derrick Carter and Frankie Knuckles. She is a disruptor and at the same time, knows how to expertly craft a journey that everybody in attendance is on board with, completely bought in on. She also released a single track in 2017, also the best track of 2017, a ten plus minute trip called, “He is the Voice I Hear.” She could play that in a loop and I’d still be in heaven.

MK – I’m going to borrow a term I heard at an MK show in Chicago and say that MK’s live shows are the rave equivalent of going to church. Sure, there’s EDM, but is there such thing as EDGospel? Maybe we don’t need to go that far, but when Marc Kinchen is commanding the decks, I feel my soul being elevated and enlightened along everybody else’s in attendance. I raise up my hands and I can feel it passing over us, through us, connecting everybody from moment to moment. He’s also a master of remixes, particularly for Rihanna and London Grammar. Check this mix for sample of what you’re in for.

I mean, all of Woogie – Not just because they Yotto and Yokoo, nor is solely based on the names above. There’s plenty to love about the rest of the names, and I anticipate that I will spend the majority of my time floating around the perimeter of Woogie, with the occasional dip into the fray.

Beats Antique Lightning Orchestra – I have no idea what this is, but the music and ideals of Beats Antique fits like a perfectly worn in leather glove with those of LiB and their projects are always a beautiful spectacle, so I’d anticipate big, beautiful things for this. Hopefully with ample lighting assists from their frequent collaborators, HYBYCOZO.

The Glitch Mob – For the Mob’s last tour, the LA-based trio designed and built “The Blade” with assistance from movie set designers and undoubtedly inspired by sci-fi spaceship consoles. The combination audio/lighting console features a variety of touchpads and custom controllers that allow the guys to play and interact with their music in the way they want, rather than around the limitations of somebody else’s gear. The end result is a show rife with heavy beats, razor-sharp synth lines, and cinematic builds and crashes. And usually a killer remix of TV on the Radio.


I know, I KNOW I said at the beginning that I wasn’t going to address participation, but you should know that applications are open for the following participation opportunities, so hit this link for application details!

The following applications are now available…

Lightning Team/Work Trade  •  Food Vendor  •  Marketplace Vendor  •  Big Art & Interactive Areas  •  Live Painting  •  Performance Art  •  Healing Sanctuary  •  Workshop/Presenter




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