Prepare for liftoff, Jon Hopkins is back with new music to take you into space, deep into your subconscious, or possibly both.

His new track, ‘Emerald Rush’ is his first release of any kind in three years and first original track since 2014. Along with the track’s release is news of his new album, his first in five years, titled Singularity out May 4th on Domino.

Hopkins routinely maintains razor-thin balance between technical virtuosity and emotional output. In listening to his music, I’m in awe of the sounds he creates for his own samples, the outlandish time signatures he employs, and his wizard-level skills on his Korg Chaos pads. But there’s another part of me that doesn’t give a shit about any of that, and that half is elated at the sounds and the composition that manages to make me feel hopeful and lonely and secure and scared all at once. It’s an incredible effect to achieve and one he nails at every opportunity.

Yes, I realize that this news is a little late, but I wanted to get something up about this and let people know. Finally, he released a video to accompany the track, which you’ll find below. Further down, you’ll find his sprinkling of tour dates for those of you living in Europe. The US will just have to wait our turn.

Tour Dates