We’ve been covering the three Chicago boys of Autograf for a hot minute here at ElectroJams, back when I stumbled onto their SoundCloud page after hearing their wall to wall fire remix of French Horn Rebellion’s “The Fire.” We’ve followed their rise to a growing listener base and to playing larger festival stages year over year, and it was absolutely insane to see them take the stage in the gigantic hangar that is Sahara at Coachella. It was a midday set, but they still filled the space.

After a predominantly Louis-only DJ sets to close out last year, the regrouped and began work on a live performance overhaul. They’re back with a new live show entitled, Caution: Live. Per their Facebook page:

We feel Autograf was truly born when we added that first instrument to our setup.

Since then, it’s been nonstop building. That’s why we started this project, for our love of creating. So we’re dedicating our entire winter to Re-Construct everything.. a new sound, new visuals, a new Autograf experience.

Hopefully, they haven’t changed their sound too much. They have a unique take on electronic music, infusing a chill brand of house with elements of soul and R&B that tends to target the feels. Their most recent release alongside Klingande and Dragonette does just that, so I feel pretty confident that they haven’t gone off on a free jazz phase or anything too drastic.

For a preview of their new setup, take a look at the video they posted to their Facebook page or keep an eye out here for our write up following their show at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis next week and we’ll give you the lowdown. Otherwise, you can click the tour poster below to pick up tickets and find out for yourself.