What do you suppose is a bigger honor, a Grammy nomination or Zhu remixing one of your songs? I can’t answer that, but CamelPhat and Elderbrook can with today’s release Zhu’s ‘Cola’ remix.

For those of you old enough to understand this, imagine a world where Crystal Pepsi was actually a good idea and lived up to its expectations and didn’t taste like liquid disappointment. With an unbelievably fat bass-line accentuating almost like a French horn intermixed with twiddling strings, Zhu’s ‘Cola’ remix is what that hyped soda would taste like. He takes an addictive new anthem and transforms it into a sexy new world. Check the song below or through your favorite streaming services here.

British duo CamelPhat has been absorbing the lions share of the credit for the track, but take a look at Elderbrook’s catalog and you’ll find a lot of gems. If you’re interested in another worthy remix of Elderbrook, check out Amtrac’s lovely take on ‘Difficult to Love.’ Elderbrook is hitting the road next month touring across North America. Take a look and see if you’re one of in one of the lucky cities below, and keep an eye out on January 28th to see how they fare at the Grammys.

Feb 6th @ Floyd – Miami, FL
Feb 7th @ Newspeak – Montreal, Canada
Feb 8th @ Chop Shop – Chicago, IL
Feb 9th @ Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
Feb 10th @ Drake Hotel Underground – Toronto, Canada
Feb 14th @ SOhO Music Club – Santa Barbara, CA
Feb 15th @ Popscene – San Francisco, CA
Feb 16th @ Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 17th @ Bang Bang – San Diego, CA
Feb 21st @ Bar Standard – Denver, CO
Feb 22nd @ 45 East – Portland, OR
Feb 24th @ The Bunkhouse Saloon – Las Vegas, NV