The Knocks joined up with Captain Cuts on one of the best party songs of all time, “House Party.” Perfect for pre-gaming, gaming, after-party, and the hotel lobby, the song features a fat bassline and a marching beat that’ll stick in your head until your head hits the pillow.

“It’s a late one right now”

Captain Cuts’ talk/singing vocals are alternately spoken word hipster and disco dramatic in just the right measures. You’ll want this guy at your next house party, but if he’s not available, make sure this song makes your party playlist. Too busy to make your own? Well, The Knocks’ label Big Beat made one for you. You’re welcome. I’ve had this track on my running playlist for a couple weeks now and I feel like I owe you an apology for not sharing it sooner.

Check out the video below and download/stream from your favorite service here.