The passing of time can be measured in minutes or minutes, sure, but all the cool kids know each season doesn’t start until we have a Lane 8 mix to soundtrack it.

Daniel Goldstein, aka Lane 8, has been on a tear since the 2015 release of his debut LP, ‘Rise,’ which always sounded like the soundtrack to a sunny day. But since his release of the appropriately named ‘Midnight’ EP, his music grew darker, more introspective. Still as danceable and beautiful, just more somber tones.

He’s also evolved his live experience from a producer playing to a crowd to a more intimate, inviting atmosphere encouraging attendees to keep their phones in their pockets and to just experience the moment with everybody else, dubbed “This Never Happened.” There are a handful of 8-hour daytime sets around his appearance at Above and Beyond Group Therapy #250 at the Gorge in September with support from Luttrell which are worth checking out (link) if you’re in the area.

For now, just press play and lay back and enjoy the moment, wherever you are.