If you’re ever in the market for an epic soundtrack to your life, look no further than Hudson Mohawke’s catalog. He can make climbing a flight of stairs feel like you’re on top of the world and throw your hands up like Rocky once you take that last step.

His remix of Lo Moon’s ‘Loveless,’ out today, is no exception. I’ve been manually cross-referencing three spreadsheets as part of my day-job, and it felt exactly like you’d expect it to, until I popped on this remix. Suddenly I was a hero, on top of the world, also saving the world, also looking really cool in the process.

His source material is a pleasant, well-behaved indie pop pseudo-ballad, which is a step away from the more danceable source material he’s used in the past, but the result is the same: an addictive song you’ll want to hit repeat on for the foreseeable future. At least through the summer. Check the song through any of the streaming sources here.


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