Direction and Distance and Degrees

Every unit of measure has a reference built into it, a degree or distance, for example, from a certain arbitrary point.

The point of reference for a ruler is zero, so an inch is not just the distance between two points, but the distance from the starting point and the travel to point B.

When I say I’m 6’5″, my reference is the ground. When I tell you I’m from Minneapolis, I’m also telling you how far I am from home. The same goes for a compass, where a direction is determined by referencing north, or north plus or minus some number of degrees.

So it’s interesting, and also clever, that LiB created their festival’s programming around the design of a compass. But that leads to the question: What is their Compass‘ point of reference? What is LiB’s north? The answer is simple: It is you. More specifically, it is the pre-festival you, or, say, your before photo. The degrees or distance you cover is entirely up to you. The points are all laid out for you to assemble your route through the music, activities, and workshops. Which, after you navigate through your four days of LiB, you will have earned the understanding of the meaning of those degrees and distance you’ve covered from your point of reference.

However, if you’ve taken even a cursory glance at Compass information on the LiB site, you’ll find a daunting amount of information. The bevy of new programming along with a reconfiguration of the layout means even the veterans have some catching up to do. Subway boasts something in the neighborhood of 31 million possible combinations for the sandwiches, and by the look of it, with 6 points to the compass and 29 activities combined with the musical choices, there may be just as many or more options for customizing your experience at LiB. Rather than going to go through every last detailed option (LiB’s site does a fine job of that), I will instead hit on a few highlights from the festival’s options.

Offerings Highlights

  1. Kaytranada: I can’t stress this enough. You need to go see Kaytranada. He’s funky, he’s fun, he’ll dance as hard as you do, and he’ll probably drop a little Missy Elliott at just the right time. Sample his brilliant debut ahead of time and prepare to get funky.
  2. The Grand Artique: This place is smorgasbord of some of the best parts of a music festival. From a trading post to a fine selection of whiskey to a gypsy encampment and IV’s and vitamin B shots from a licensed naturopathic doctor. I’ve always wanted a quick hit of hydration without all the hassle and waiting of drinking a Powerade
  3. Swimming! That’s right, you can swim at LiB this year! With the amount of rain ver the winter, the lake is 50% full and holding steady, so bring your inflatables, your suit, and management recommends implementing the buddy system, as there will be no lifeguards.
  4. Brunch: You know what I love just as much as a great festival? A great brunch. And the Brunch Royale from Last Supper Club, hosted in feast, “a gender fluid gospel opera brunch” complete with performance and a DJ promises to be just that.The three-course brunch runs $65 and takes place limited hours (it’s brunch, after all) Thursday-Sunday. Check out the details and menu here and book your reservation ahead of time.
  5. Barclay Crenshaw: Because Dirtybird + California = Goddamned magic. Every time. This is not the house you’re no doubt accustomed to hearing from the man we all know as Claude, instead it is the hip-hop-centric booty-shaking bass of Barclay Crenshaw. New music for a new persona.
  6. Beacon:
    I absolutely fell in love with Beacon earlier this month at the DoLab in Coachella. Maybe it’s because its name is one letter removed from bacon, or it could be that I have an unrealized geometry fetish, or perhaps it was the respite the space offered from the oppressive heat and the open arms and wide smiles attitude alternative to all of the bro-ridden, selfie-dodging experience throughout the rest of the festival grounds. Beacon is where I felt most happy, most at home, and most welcome. I really appreciated this space and these people, and it’s been one of the main driving influences for me to attend LiB. That, and the rave reviews from friends and the headdress policy.
    Instead of wall to wall music, Beacon’s space at LiB will be shared with keynote speakers covering a range of topics from mushrooms to activism creating safe space, discussion panels, meditation, and so much more. Check the full offerings here.
  7. Derby: That’s right, LiB has its very own soap box derby! The second annual derby takes place on Saturday, and the deadline to enter is May 14th, so get your people together to put together a motorless vehicle and costume theme that reflects your team/squad’s spirit. Last year saw 20 teams compete for the prize, and with a steeper course this year, the race promises to be even crazier.
  8. Yoga+: At your typical festival, you’ll see one to two yoga instructors for the entire festival, with a couple morning offerings and that’s it. Once the music starts, all the mats are cleared to make room for dancing. If you haven’t figured this out yet, LiB is not your typical festival, so perhaps it won’t come as a surprise to learn they offer over fifty options for yoga, movement, and flow classes. You aren’t just limited to mornings, either. You’ll have the option to find your center and regain your balance and breath throughout the day and into the night in two dedicated spaces, Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol. Take a look at the full offerings here.
  9. Engagement: This it truly what LiB is all about. Extending yourself, learning something new or re-learning through a non-traditional lens, changing the way you operate in your life and your practices, and attempting to learn how to more positively affect the world around you in more dynamic ways. There are so many resources for learning about your own body, in how to treat it better through diet and movement, to smashing toxic and archaic definitions of gender, to learning the keys to bliss and forging an ecstatic relationship with your partner.
  10. Skeeball: This ain’t your typical arcade game. No, this is a larger-than-life version that requires two hands to hurl the skeeballs down the gigantic ramp to their targets. LiB also included skeeball in their date night recommendations for taking out your boo or someone new on a date while you’re at the festival.