Moog for LoveI’m tempted to say “The boys are back,” despite the fact their sophomore LP came out just last September. But this isn’t just more music from Disclosure; these three songs are a continuation of the magic that was ‘Settle.’

The Howard brothers didn’t give the hype train very long to get going, having debuted the lead track, ‘BOSS’ just this past Saturday at their Wild Life Festival appearance in Brighton. The 4/4 beat drives the song steadily through a classic house sound of vocals saturated in reverb, slicing synths, and a bass line that will get you off your ass and dancing.

‘Feel Like I Do’ is a step down in tempo, a soulful cut-up and reorg of an old Al Green classic, “I’m Still in Love With You.” Incredibly, upon hearing an early version Disclosure sent over to clear usage rights, it hit the good Reverend just right, and he returned the song’s original stems for their use. You may not know this, but that never happens. Apparently he liked what he heard and wanted it to sound right.

Rounding out the trio of songs is a collab with Eats Everything, the title track, “Moog for Love.” The tempo pops back up, and there are a few house elements that join back in, but the track winds up with more of a disco flavor.

It’s over far too quickly, and I’ve already listened to a handful of times today, and it keeps getting better each time. I’m sure there’s a threshold to these songs, but I don’t anticipate hitting that anytime soon.  Hopefully, this is a sort of course correction for Disclosure, and we get more sweet, sweet house in the coming years.

Get the Moog For Love EP here:

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