If you aren’t familiar with Dorsia, they’re Adam Reid and Andy Watson, a duo of producers of dark, melodic, and addictive house out of London.

We’ve been tracking them since their fabric mix in March of 2014, but for some reason, it seems we are a little greedy in nature, and haven’t shared the glory that is Dorsia with the rest of the internet. For that, we apologize and offer penance in the form of this brief, but powerful pair of songs.

As for the house, they nail it with every original and remix, with a steady beat, but there’s always something deep in the lower frequencies, like a seedy underbelly. Their use of vocals is reminiscent of classic house, and the end of the song always seems to come way too soon. I could, and would like to see this in a live show stretching into the wee hours, just dancing along happily.

The duo don’t seem to play often (their last live date was Oct 2015), and when they do, it’s almost exclusively within the UK. Although, that does include stints in the fabric and fabric live series. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to see their names on a festival here and there stateside at some point. And soon.

If you’re wondering where to go from here, check their fabric mix linked above or the mix they put together for THUMP.