This spring, Lettuce will join Griz on-stage as his backing band for the inaugural two-day Fool’s Paradise festival in St. Augustine, Florida.

The festival will take place April 1 & 2, in the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, steps away from the beach, and alongside boat-loads of funk, will also feature music workshops, yoga, as well as artist-led excursions. Somehow, I imagine Griz’s would be a sitting around a fire on the beach talking about shoes and Sega Genesis games.

Other musical highlights include the Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue, featuring the vocals of Gregory Porter, Jr., Break Science, Vulfpeck, and South African “live organic house” of Gold Fish. In a word, this festival will be funky. In two words, it will be funky and saxtastic.

Click the flyer below, or here for more information and to pick up tickets. Keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates and to figure out the TBA’s yet to come in the lineup.

Fool's Paradise