This afternoon, Royal quietly released an EP of remixes of songs from his impressive debut, Cycles. A short time later, his network of friends and fellow producers created quite a bit of noise about the release. One of the remixers, Hotel Garuda reposted it, as did SNBRN, and thissongissick joined in.

Why all the attention? If you haven’t heard his music before, listen to his Cycles EP and you’ll understand pretty quickly. It’s earnest and sweet on the melodic Passenger, playfully summer-ish on Round 2 (No, that’s not Drake. YES, I’m sure.), and downright filthy that breakdown in Devil Pt. II. Musically, it has a lot of girth.

Granted, the Cycles Remix EP only covers two of the original five songs, but the changes take the songs in very different directions. Hotel Garuda transform ‘Passenger’ into a kind of 80’s synth-rock/house ballad, Jai Wolf takes the same song on a kind of Miami Vice cruise with Odesza, and the team of Laserdisk x Dream Beach impart a kind of nursery rhyme feel.  Catt Moop’s treatment of ‘Round 2’ is almost like a trap remix, but without the drops.

Head to the OctalSound page to download the EP in exchange for a couple SoundCloud follows, or to iTunes in exchange for a couple bucks.