Flume just dropped a new song today featuring the vocals of Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, as well as a dark and moody video to go along with it.

“Some Minds” may not have a kin in Flume’s catalog, yet it’s still immediately recognizeable as a Flume track. He has a unique sonic fingerprint, even when drum n bass finds its way into the fold. Wyatt’s falsetto floats above the dour machinations, hovering like a lonely kite reluctant to land.

The payoff of the song comes late, at about the 3:07 mark, at the same time as we see a hovering Harley Streten land and bust out some terribly flexible dance moves. The glitchy synth work almost sounds like it was sourced from 8-bit versions of Mega Man and Mario, which in true Flume fashion, seems to somehow fit in perfectly.