CS1245716-02A-BIGThis is perhaps the greatest jungle/DnB album that I’ve ever come across. The work of DnB gods Roni Size and Dj Die, along with vocalist Leonie Laws, this jaw-dropping masterpiece is a mixture of carefully orchestrated and unsettling atmospheric touches, hard-hitting basslines, brilliant vocal melodies, and the sort of raw and unfiltered breakbeat madness that only old school DnB can offer. The album really takes off on Ultra-Obscene, but tracks like Bullitproof, Breakbeat Era, Animal Machine, and my favorite, Our Disease, take it to the next level. Perfectly spaced with a mixture of playful and intense elements, the album steadily progresses towards a complex crescendo. It’s a testament to the now-resurgent DnB scene in what might be the last gleam of its heyday. Check out a stream below: