I expect two questions to come from posting this song to ElectroJams, alongside the likes of Odesza, Madeon and Seth Troxler. The first being, “Tegan and Sara? Really?” And I get it. I really do, because that was my initial reaction when I first saw the song title.

Sorting through Royal‘s brief, but poignant back catalog…nope, it still seems like an oddball. So it makes sense to learn that the Washington DC-based producer was approached by the Canadian duo asking for his interpretation of the title track of their new album. How could you turn down the chance to join the likes of Four Tet, Chuck Inglish and Manila Killa?

The other question, “Hey, man, did you misspell the word ‘remix’?” No, I did not, but I had a question about that as well. So I asked him. Royal was kind enough to explain:

“Typically my idea of a refix is instead of approaching a song like “I want it to sound different”, I approach it like “what would I have done if I was in the studio with that artist?” So with this specific refix all I did was use Tegan and Sara’s vocals and completely reimagined the production.”

So in the case of “So Jealous,” it seems refix means taking a morose, marching ballad and shifting it into something sharper, more sinister and that sounds like the agony of jealousy. The only original material leftover were the vocals. Tegan and Sara liked his refix so much that they’ve begun playing his version in their live sets. It’s a win by all accounts.

Kind of makes you want to hear what an album of refixes would sound like, doesn’t it? We may not be that lucky, at least not in the impending future, but his debut EP titled “Cycles” is due out January 26th. Expect another single due out January 5th, and keep an eye out for his name on festival line-ups later in 2015.

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