Madeon dropped a new track this week, much like an early Christmas present,  along with his announcement of a new album set for release in early 2015.

“You’re On” features vocals from Kyan, and is three minutes and change of the bright electro-house, nu-disco-tinged bright production we’ve come to expect from the young French producer. This is the second track off his upcoming debut LP, simply titled ‘Adventure,’ no doubt in reference to the rollercoaster his life has been since blowing up at the age of 17.

He’s kept busy since releasing his EP, ‘The City’ in 2012, producing for Muse, Coldplay and lending his songwriting talents to Lady Gaga.

Along with “Imperium,” which he released for free in October, the pair of songs make for a compelling listen, leaving you wanting to know where he’ll go next. While the title is the only detail he’s released about the new album through Columbia Records, I’m sure it will be out well in advance of Ultra in late March. Check the song below, the stream here, and purchase here.