The electronic music world was dealt an impressive one-two punch at the hands of Diplo earlier this month.  First, he enthusiastically introduced UK-based Daktyl for an hour-long mix on BBC Radio 1XTRA’s “Diplo & Friends,” calling him a “blue flame in the night,” which I assume to be a good thing. His style is difficult to narrow down, but he navigates trap, future bass, garage and whatever other genre you care to throw at it. I just call it hot shit.

The mix is comprised of mainly his own remixes and original material, and is available to download for free through his SoundCloud page. Pay special attention to the transition from his Dawn Golden remix through Mr. Carmack’s Rappers. The bass is downright filthy.

Not long after Daktyl’s Diplo + Friends debut, Diplo’s Mad Decent label announced a debut LP from Daktyl in “early 2015,” along with the lead single of the new album, a collab with LA-based Neo R&B (his words) singer Evan Mellows, with the painfully ironic title “Forgettable.” You might disagree until the song hits about the 39-second mark when the absolutely virulent bassline comes in and you recognize what got Diplo so excited to introduce him to the world. Keep an eye out for Daktyl on the festival circuit in 2o15.  Listen below and buy it here.