When electronic music fans hear the names Berlin, London, Detroit or Ibiza, the unique sound comes to mind which has made each of those cities famous, and which attracts the best up-and-coming DJs and producers from around the world, light moths to a neon lightbulb. The same doesn’t quite apply to Sydney, Australia – but it should!

Sydney is on the up and up in terms of electronic music, with artists such as Flume, What So Not, Flight Facilities and Wave Racer beginning to garner some serious international attention, particularly on the U.S.A’s west coast. But what isn’t gaining as much traction is the other Sydney sound, the forward-thinking bass music being produced in bedrooms and blasted at small warehouse parties and outdoor raves.

But why isn’t the sound taking off? A large part of it comes down to the Australian loathing of self-promotion – tall-poppy syndrome is every bit as quintessentially Australian as vegemite or the ‘C’ word. So it looks like I’ll have to do the promoting for them!

First up some lush, reverb-drenched dubstep from Ohmage, featuring a jazz saxophone lead.



Next is some half-time DnB from NCRYPT, the winner of the state DnB DJ competition in September. This one is overflowing with syncopation and orchestral textures.



Last up in this little Sydney sampler, is True North with beautiful and hardhitting “The Future”, and the groovy Garage tune, “Distance”.



No longer is Sydney’s music scene churning out replicas of German techno or English DnB. This is the new and unique sound – the other Sydney sound – that we should all be paying attention to. To keep up to date with the latest Sydney releases follow Sydney Skank Engineers on Soundcloud.