Seems like we only hear something from Mord Fustang once every few months. Unlike your average DJ of today, he’s not really an outgoing personality on social media or in the press. As such, it always seems that when he does see fit to preview or release a track, the product is usually of the highest caliber. You’ll see, most soundcloud comments on his latest are some variation of “he’s back” followed by any number of exclamation marks.

“Drivel”, his latest preview for a track to be released toward the end of the month, bears all the characteristic features that define his almost classic sound: slow, ambient filtering, punchy electrohouse kick, and future-perfect lead synths.

What I love best about Mord and his sound is that he succeeds in making his tracks so similar, and yet, never loses the spice  that makes each an original. In this regard, he’s probably the most consistent electrohouse producer out there.