The three gentleman of Savoy dropped a new track in our laps today, dubbed “Gin n Chronic,” ahead of their impending 34-date fall tour.  And of course, because they’re awesome, they’re giving it away.

The song is a bit of a departure from their usual electro-house sound. It’s also a bit of a Frankenstein. Parts it sound like regular, if a bit harder Savoy song, while other parts sound as if they’d be at home on a 12″ house single from 1994. Which is great. I’d much rather listen to music that pushes boundaries and experiments than a something static and predictable. I’m looking forward to hearing more of this, and seeing where they take their music.

“Gin n Chronic” also marks Savoy’s sixth collaboration with Bright Lights, even if portions of her contribution sound like a Halloween noisemaker, so it’s appropriate that they’re bring her along for the tour. She could easily put an opening set together exclusively using all her collaborations, but I’m more looking forward to hearing her original material.

I was lucky enough to catch Savoy’s set at the after-party for Summer Set Music Festival last Saturday, and they laid absolute waste to the crowd. This was after a long Saturday of music at the festival, then a soft, warm set from Emancipator Ensemble that put everybody in a trance. It took one song to get everybody up to the stage, basking in the glow of their incredible laser set up, frothing for more.

The tour kicks off Friday, August 22nd at the House of Blues in LA, where the guys will be broadcasting their show live via Yahoo’s Screen service. This will be their first-ever live recording of a full set, and in doing so they’ll be joining the likes of John Legend, Yes, and Guided By Voices in Yahoo’s “Live” series. Tune in to Yahoo this Friday at 10:30 pm PST and get a taste of what a live Savoy show is all about.

Check the tour dates below, where they’ll be supported by Bright Lights, then go their site for ticketing info.

Savoy Fall Tour 2014